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This past year has been a challenging, tumultuous year by pretty much anyone’s standard.  Most everyone has faced some sort of difficulty or change in their day-to-day existence – with a world-wide pandemic, I think we can count on that as universal fact.  Many of us and our children have experienced new sides of stress, new challenges to our mental well-being. But, true to human nature, we continue seeking ways to navigate it.  To find our way back to some sort of stasis, a new normal; to find our way to feeling ground beneath our feet – to safe harbor.

As someone who’s spent her life coming to terms with bipolar disorder, I intimately know the ins and outs of tumult, chaos, stress, anxiety.  I have tried countless medications and therapies, working to achieve balance, to feel grounded and whole.  So, I’m sure you can imagine that while it had been years since I felt completely unhinged and desperate, at times during this past year, I was strongly reminded me that that place still exists inside of me.

But this time, something felt fundamentally different while I was stuck in that place.  This time, though I still felt unbalanced and desperate to find peace, that desperation actually came from a place of wholeness.  I learned that, at the core of my vortex of emotion and panic, lies tremendous strength, energy, and creativity.  I was desperate to reach safe harbor, to feel grounded, to feel (as I now can say) “myself”.  But at some point, I realized the desperation came from knowing what it is to feel balanced, healthy, and grounded though at that moment, I just couldn’t seem to find mySELF.

I am able to launch Curious George & Company today because I’ve come to fully see and embrace that it’s the love, passion, and drive for something greater than myself, certainly MUCH greater than my bipolar disorder that brings me a deeper, fuller sense of stability, health, balance, and wholeness than any medication or treatment ever will.  The heart of my soul cracked wide open when I bought The World’s Only Curious George Store.  I fell in love with something that gave me purpose, passion, safe harbor. Since then, I’ve touched and felt a greater peace, joy, and wholeness than I thought possible. Sure, I don’t live and feel it all the time.  But, even in my times of greatest desperation, I know it’s there.

I say all this because I want Curious George & Co. to be a safe harbor for us all.  A place to be joyfully curious, to find wonder, to learn and explore new things.  I want Curious George & Co. to be a place where you can touch, feel, and sense wholeness even if you don’t quite feel it in yourself – ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel it within.  No one can create the feeling for you, but it’s there – you just have to connect to it.  Curious George & Co. is the space and the means for all ages to learn and grow towards that wholeness.  A space of curiosity, exploration, and acceptance.  A place to learn, build skills and experience connection and belonging.  A place where precisely BECAUSE you belong, you’re that much closer to your wholeness.

Curious George Store SuperFan Gary is now one of the first fans of Curious George & Co.!

I’ve poured and continue to give every fiber of my vision and passion into The Curious George Store and now, Curious George & Company.  But I can’t do it alone.  The Curious George Store is no longer, but I have been inordinately blessed to ride the tremendous wave of love that Curious George and The Curious George Store engendered.  To all of you, my fellow Curious George Community members who are part of that giant wave, you will always hold a special and critical piece of my heart. Without you, there would not be a Curious George & Co..  It’s in our collective love for Curious George that I anchor Curious George & Co. — it’s the cornerstone of the entire endeavor.  I again call out to each of you to continue sharing the specialness of Curious George with each other and with Curious George & Co. – as long as we have our Curious George Community  in place, I know we can’t go wrong.

SO, what does this all mean?  What exactly is Curious George & Co., anyway?  I’ll be sharing more details of the overall vision and plan in the forthcoming weeks but, for now, I can tell you that we’ll start by offering ways to:

  • Build skills:
    • You’ll find fun, interactive ways for kids to build and sustain early reading, STEM, mindfulness and resilience skills.
  • Find connection:
    • Many of the interactive games and activities are designed for kids and adults to build and strengthen emotional bonding and connection.
    • We’ll have forums for kids to connect, socialize, and have fun.
    • We’ll also offer forums for adults geared to support their children’s remote-learning and overall parenting while under stress.
  • Feel a sense of belonging:
    • No matter who you are or where you’re from, you will find only curiosity, tolerance, and acceptance.
    • We’ll be providing tools that can help you and your children discover and build upon your sense of wholeness and belonging from within.
  • Find Curious George and other great merchandise:
    • Oh yeah! And OF COURSE we’re ramping up to bring you all things wonderous and utterly fabulous!

As we continue to build out the website and programming, at times we’ll directly ask you to provide your insight, input and feedback. You are an integral part of this process and extremely important as behind the scenes, we plan and build the AMAZING NEW AWESOME EXPERIENCIAL INTERACTIVE PHYSICAL LOCATION.  WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!!!  Did she just say PHYSICAL LOCATION?  That’s right folks, The Curious George Store may be gone but that doesn’t mean the dream is too.  Keep coming back – establish yourself as a solid member of the Curious George Community – it’s all a work in progress and I plan on working and progressing with all of you by my side; I can’t do it without you.

And so, we’re kicking the whole thing off with our Holiday SaleVisit our store page to see what we currently have to offer!  AND, stay tuned – we may just have a few more vintage Curious Georges looking for a new home.  There could perhaps be an auction in the not-too-distant future….

With all my (curious) love,




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